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Forged by a meeting of friends in late 2013 early 2014 was the manifestation of Awaken To Remember in Dallas, Texas.
Brandon Cox a D/FW metal music scene veteran(guitars: Fallen South/Coincide) teamed up with Burt Usry II(drums: Anahadonia/Daimonion/NeverDead) another music scene veteran & guitarist Christopher Williams(guitar: Southern Assault/Ligma) & hunted for the next member, Leo Reyna. Leo(bass: Moon Fluid), relatively fresh to the music scene was inactive at the time & having already been a friend of Chris', Leo's answer regarding wanting to be in the band or not was a simple, yes.
Lacking a singer/front man at the time the 3 knew they had to find someone worthy for the job. Little did Burt know that his new co-founding band member, Brandon, was friends with a singer that he said would be perfect for the job. It also just so happened to be Burt's childhood best friend, Bill. Reunions of friendship aside, within this small circle of friends it was straight to business & Wild Bill(vocals: Wage of War) has executed the role nicely ever since. 


Alt-Metal Awaken To Remember Bringing On The Magic. – Jam Magazine Online - Dec. 2015 

Awaken To Remember is an alt-metal/ southern rock quintet based out of Dallas Texas. The five have all come from previous local metal acts, and have brought together a truly inspiring showcase of talent. With dueling guitar work, each player adopting different styles, to bring an uncanny melody into motion.
There is a seamless and fixed synchronicity between the two guitarists, Brandon Cox and Chris Williams. One rooted deeply in southern style, such as legendary act Pantera; the other inspired by classic hair metal giant acts like Iron Maiden that make for an interesting bridge.
On drums, Burt Usry, and bassist Leo Reyna are equally as impressive, with tenacious tempo changes and climactic builds winding through sonispheres, which could lead into more progressive waters.
Also notably, is the vocalist Wild Bill, who will have your interest piqued, and make you feel like southern rock is the thing to get behind in 2015. He brings an undeniable party energy to the crowd, and traverses well between singing and screaming those notes which remind us that we are still in a heavy mood, despite those feel good anthems and harrowing heartfelt melodies.
If you haven't run into these guys on a DMS metal bill yet, you should. There is something magical in the air when they hit the stage, and they are sure to make your body rock; even if you came in for something heavier.
Brandon Cox - guitar
Chris Williams - guitar
Burt Usry - drums
Leo Reyna - bass
Wild Bill - vocals

April 2018 The Akademia Music Awards announced Awaken To Remember as the winners for best rock album.  See the links below for further details. *copy & paste url's into your browsers address bar*; 



 From the depths of Dallas, Texas Vulsella features active members of Awaken To Remember & Ribcage(Dallas, Tx). 

 The guys of Awaken To Remember started discussing changing to a different style of metal in late November of 2017 which, in January of 2018 they went on to form the New Band called Vulsella. Brandon C. (former guitarist of Fallen South & Coincide) a D/FW metal music scene veteran teamed up with other local music scene vets, Burt Usry II (former drummer for: Anahadonia, Daimonion & NeverDead), Chris Williams (former guitarist of Southern Assault & Ligma) & Leo R. (former bassist of Moon Fluid) all of whom after much discussion decided that Brady D. (former vocalist for ¾ Ton & Fallen South) would be a great addition to the mix & a style of vocals they were aiming for.  

 They soon found themselves back in the recording studio to pump out the single(& more to come in the future) with the amazing & talented recording/mixing/mastering engineer for Awaken To Remember, Nick Forkel of the band Turbid North. Without Nick capturing the Vulsella sound, Vulsella would sound terrible. Thank you Nick, you rule! 

 The guys also knew they would need some pretty gnarly art work to go along with their band name & chose the badass master of logo's & metal band art designs, "Carcass" John Fossum. Without John we'd probably all be looking at messy stick figures. Each band member brings in an even more unique style, sound and energy that is Vulsella. 

 Vulsella's single Vengeance is currently available through streaming only on ReverbNation  @  https://www.reverbnation.com/vulsella. 

Plan on looking for Vulsella to hit venues in the near future and as always, ... SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIANS!